Love & Marriage:
The 48-Hour Feature

After a whirlwind romance and an engagement shorter than a micropenis, Rachel is having SERIOUS cold feet less than two hours before she’s due to marry the King of the W.A.S.P.s (and we’re not talking assholes of the insect kingdom). There’s only one thing to do.

Lock herself in the bathroom.

The next 90 minutes are pure craziness. She could run. She could flip out on her anal retentive future mother-in-law. Or she could just stay perched atop the pedestal her stand-in maid of honor has put her on.

Of course, there’s always her college ex to consider. AKA, the best man…

It’s sure to be a wedding day no one will forget.

48 Hours? Are You Crazy?

Probably. But isn’t that the fun part?

I’ve never shied away from a challenge like this. I shot my first short entirely by myself (including the acting). I shot my first music video with a 2-person crew who ended up  focused on setting up one particular shot for the entire day, leaving me to contend with two cameras and music cueing on my own. So why not shoot an entire feature in 2 days with minimal cast and crew?

And there are a ton of advantages to shooting a feature on such an abbreviated schedule:

  • Everyone can get paid a reasonable wage for their time. Paying someone a couple hundred dollars a day is much more affordable when we’re talking about  2 days instead of 28 days.
  • Everything is cheaper. Let’s say we need to rent a location. Renting a location for a month is much more difficult and expensive than renting one for a weekend.  So many more doors are open to you when you say “could you help me out for a weekend?” rather than “could you  help me out for a month?”
  • No one has to quit their day job. I’m not a full-time filmmaker. Most of the people I want to work with are also not full-time filmmakers. We can’t afford to quit our day jobs to pursue making a feature, and not everyone is in a position to take a month off. But if you say “hey, can you come help out on the feature for a long weekend?” a lot of people are more than happy to take a vacation day or a personal day for that.
  • It’s a gimmick. I’m not going to lie. Telling people you’re making a feature film in a weekend immediately piques their interest. It gets their attention. And once you have their attention, you can move on to the nuts and bolts of actually getting it done. People want to get involved, because they either think it’s awesome or they want to be there in case you crash and burn. I plan to use that attention to my advantage (and the advantage of everyone else involved).
  • It’s more impressive than a short film. Everyone and their brother who wants to  break into film is making shorts. Some people are spending tens of thousands of dollars making shorts. The market is  saturated with shorts. I want to  do something that will set me (and my cast and crew) apart from the sea of shorts out there. A weekend feature is certainly one way to do it.

So How Much is This Thing Going to Cost?

Not much. The current budget is looking like around $10,000. That might go up depending on the talent I can get interested. But the budget will not exceed $15,000.

As far as raising the money goes, I’ll be paying for some things out of my own pocket. Anything equipment-related I’m paying for, as it’s something I can use again on future projects and I consider it a business expense. I’ll also likely pick up some of the incidental expenses that come along during pre-production (like grabbing coffee with potential cast and crew to discuss the project, etc.).

The rest of the budget will be raised via crowdfunding. Sign up for the mailing list to stay up to date on that and other developments as we get closer to production!

Or you can always check back here for updates!

I Want to Help! How?

One of the best things you can do for right now is help get the word out about the film! Share this website with your social media followers, your friends and family, strangers on the street (though please not in a creepy way), etc. You can even use this click-to-tweet to get the word out:

An entire feature film in 48 hours? Say what?!? Check it out: #indiefilm #48hourfeature via @cameron_chapman

Casting is almost complete, but we’re still looking for one amazing actress, 55-65 years old. If that sounds like you, get in touch (cameron at we are double pl dot us).

We’re currently seeking crew, particularly diverse applicants!  Get in touch if you’re interested in working on the film.

If you want to contribute financially, please sign up for the mailing list to stay in the loop for our crowdfunding campaign, which will launch in late spring. You can also reach out directly via email.